About Us

The Maury Service Authority (MSA) was founded in 1971 in order to build a water treatment plant to serve the City of Lexington and Rockbridge County.  In 1996 the charter was amended so that the MSA could build a wastewater treatment plant.  Today, the MSA owns the Maury Service Authority Water Treatment Plant and the Lexington-Rockbridge Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The MSA is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia formed under the Virginia Water and Sewer Authorities Act.  It is governed by a five member board of directors.

Board members and officers are:


Capt. John (Ned) Riester, Jr.,Ph.D.,P.E.
Appointed by City of Lexington
Board member since 2009
Current term expires June 30,2022


Mr. George Graves
Appointed by City of Lexington,
Board member since 2002,
current term expires June 30, 2021.


Mr. John Higgins
Appointed by Rockbridge County
Board member since August 2012
current term expires June 30, 2020


Mr. Jimmy Carter
Appointed by City of Buena Vista,
Board member since July 2014,
current term expires May 31, 2021.


Mr. John Goad
Appointed by Rockbridge County
Board member since July 2014
current term expires June 30, 2022


Executive Director:

Mr. L. Jordan Combs –  P.E.

Hired by Maury Service Authority May 1, 2018
serves at the pleasure of the Board.

To contact us:
Phone:     (540) 463-3566
Fax:          (540) 463-1172
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